Anything And Everything

by Simple Minded Symphony

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“Anything And Everything” Is the second full album completed by Simple Minded Symphony, recorded and mixed entirely independent of an outside recording studio. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of being in separate colleges, only three members of the band were able to be featured. The band had begun working on “Anything And Everything" before they even finished their first album. As a result, the tracks included on the album range from all over the band’s history: Some were written while the members were still finishing up high school, some were written in their Freshman year of college, and two tracks were actually the first two the band had ever written.
Though this album was initially released on July 9, 2015, the band collectively decided that it wasn’t something they were proud of. The initial release suffered from time constraints and inexperiences in audio production that were all too obvious, and they opted to redo nearly everything from the ground up. Though this project is now something that Simple Minded Symphony can happily release to the public, the band wishes to eventually rerecord it once more with all members of the band present.
The album’s title and subject matter refers to the band’s experiences in between their completion of high school, and respective entrances into the work force, college, and other ventures. Feeling burnt out and losing that sense of stability and wonder of what the future holds that inspired the more upbeat subject matter of the album prior. It’s a feeling anyone can relate to, and something that the Simple Minded Symphony wanted to communicate in their own way, once again taking you across multiple musical styles; from ska, to rock, to reggae, to funk, and other subtle influences.

We’d like to take this time to thank the following people immensely:

Susie Kincy, for housing three band members for two weeks while they recorded far too many instruments for far too many hours.

Ilesa Bauer, for letting us borrow her drum set, forcing us to have an eating schedule and cooking for us so we didn’t starve ourselves the second recording session, designing us an amazing website, and for stepping up and assuming the position as our band’s Manager. Gigs and communication have never run smoother.

Mark Bauer, for his knowledge on drum transportation and general mentoring from his years of gigging.

The town of Oak Harbor, who will never stop supporting us and giving us opportunities to play and grow as musicians.

And of course, the absolutely mind-boggling amount of support we get from our friends and family. If not for them, we probably wouldn’t be able to play music in the first place.


released August 31, 2016

Kevin Silveira: Lead Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums, Trombone
Jason Kincy: Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Alto Sax, Clarinet
Patrick Maxwell: Trumpet

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Kincy



all rights reserved


Simple Minded Symphony Seattle, Washington

A group of goons playing groovy tunes. Simple Minded Symphony brings a freshly-squeezed sound to a variety of audiences.

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Track Name: Fair Winds and Calm Seas
It’s been a whole eighteen years we were anchored to this rock, but just last week we got a letter saying its time to go. And I don’t want to leave you now, but it’s hard to stay when she left yesterday, and I don’t want to see you down, it’s hard to say goodbye anyway.

And we said bye to our hometown, we kind of out grew it anyway, and as the sun sets on the bridge they call out “fair winds and calm seas!”

One by one the faces fade, some I’ll never see again. One last look at that dim lit coast, it’s hard to think we’re moving on. But we can’t see what lies ahead, but I’m sure it’s better than what you said would happen if I fail, but I’ll sink and swim before my ship will sail.
Track Name: Running On Empty
I got a call yesterday saying that we got a gig to play. Please don’t give up on me yet; you see I’m making that twenty-dollar check. And so we’ll pile in the van, much like any other band, we’ll play another run down show, we’ll play three songs we don’t even know.

I’m running on empty. Running on nothing but junk, gas, and sound. I’m running on empty. Running for you now but no ones around.

So this is me signing off, I finally realize it’s time to give up. For I am just another kid, I’m doing what everyone else did. I should have listened to A.B., I could have learned the art maybe? But I am just another kid, I’m doing what everyone else did.

I’m running on empty. I’m running on empty. I’m running on empty. I’m running for you now, but no ones around.
Track Name: No. 1431836
Congratulations you found your very own two feet; you made your mother very proud I bet your life feels near complete. “You’re going to make something of yourself,” said the voices in your head. How sad, how wrong, how sorry what you’ll find in the path ahead.

They’re breeding minds for the nine to five. They’ll slap a suit and smile on the ones who survive. Are you feeling tired yet? More so than me I’d bet. Remember why you’re here before you forget.

How does it feel to be another number? To know your efforts falling short of anyone’s eyes, and everyday just seems to get a little bit longer. No. How bad do you want it?

The birds no longer sing; they’re covered up by the bell ring. It makes me wonder “are you learning anything?” And when your day is done, do you think you did your best? They just don’t know because you blend in with the rest.

How does it feel to be another number? To know your efforts falling short of anyone’s eyes, and everyday just seems to get a little bit longer. No. How bad do you need it?

Recite your number above all the sound, and you’ll pray to no end that you’ll stand out. Did you make a difference? Did you change the world? Did you land the job with the cash and the house and the car and the girl, and did you make it yet?

Did you reach your dreams? Did you land among the stars? No, see I didn’t think so, no, I didn’t think at all.
Track Name: So Far
I’m up late again. What time is it? How long has it been? Out of it once more. Frozen up, staring at the floor, the dim-light screen illuminating my dull surroundings, they’re unchanging. Weary and confused .No sense of direction, not sure what to do. Finally giving up. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow.

When you’re out of luck, when you’re down and out, when all around you’s fine it’s still hard to look up ‘cause it piles on, and it gets in the way. And it goes unnoticed ‘till you’re finally done. Tell me have you ever been so spent, wondering where your drive went? Figuring out where my priorities are is the worst I’ve felt so far.

Stuck in my own head. Obsessing on things that were already said. Productivity shot. Pushing along when I’d rather not. It’s getting harder to ignore this. Am I the only one without focus? I’m finding it hard to change. Can’t deal with the guilt, but trying not to estrange myself from my closest friends. I can’t find a way to get my point across

Time to pack it up. It’s a waste of my time if my mind is stuck. Finally giving up. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow.
Track Name: Kinda Funky
Oh Snap! Put your hands together...and now you can't clap. One, two, three, let's go!
Track Name: Work In Progress
So I'm here yet again, and just in time, 'cause if this makes any sense, well then I don't have a dime. After another day of degradation, it's no wonder I can't find my inspiration.

It's alright, it's okay, I didn't need them anyway. But I want to tell them one thing: That I promise, I swear that I really don't care. They're not getting a piece of me. I won't let them get a piece of me. I think they got a piece of me

Maybe my pessimism is due to all your misplaced optimism. And maybe my skepticism is rooted in protest, when you say "It'll be okay." I don't want to hear it, no more of this happy-go-lucky bullshit. I don't need to fix myself, I don't need your help. 'Cause I am just a work in progress.

But it won't bother me, I'll persevere. 'Cause things will look much better when I'm out of here. That's what I want to think, but I'm calling my bluff. And optimism isn't easy when your mind's had enough.

It's all fine, it's all good, I just care more than I should. By this point, I should really know better. I'm a melodramatic cynic who's always my own worst critic, I gotta keep moving on. Gotta keep moving along. I can't keep going on

Maybe my pessimism got in the way of all your optimism. And maybe my skepticism was rooted in nothing. Just like you said; "It's all in my head." I didn't want to hear it, I was convinced that your concern wasn't legit. I still need to fix myself, but I can with your help. 'Cause I am still a work in progress.
Track Name: Black Sea
Let the wind take you back to where it all began. It’s been so very long since the lad left shores of sand. History on the water, it’s just washing away, washing away. Time has past and so has the old man, when it’s time to set sail nobodies going to hold your hand, not this time, not ever again. The ropes hanging down now will be your only friend.

Let down the sails to your disaster, hold your breath and wait for the hour where you can lay to rest; we’re going under.

The captain with a grin said with artificial joy, “It’s time to man up, stop acting like a boy.” Then and only then his spine glazed over with a chill. The captain called out “That kind of mind will get you killed!”

And so the journey now begins with all the seven greatest sins fulfilled. A final warning: “Once you sail these seas you will fall to your knees.” “Oh captain, my captain, where did I go wrong? I can’t see, I can’t breathe, why do you sing this song?”
Track Name: I Never Thought
I never thought that I’d be in this position but I’m stuck right in the middle with you, oh you. I waited all day and I waited all night, just to break down your walls made of glass. But I’ve got no stones and I’ve got no will to throw. It just goes to show how hard it is to let go, of what? I knew I couldn’t see this through. The concepts stuck in my own mind will break me before they break you.

I wasn’t programmed for the amount of it you put on me, so please leave me sober and somber as we part our ways. For all the words that you read, I can’t recall of what you said. I need you out of my head, out of my head, out of my head, because I wrote you a letter for this day and I choked on these words that won’t come out.

I can say that I’m a wreck without you, but I don’t want to lie to myself. And I can say that you meant the world to me, but I didn’t know the world that well. I said I’m always there, you said it’s not enough to build the kingdom that’ll most likely burn to the ground. I know it will, I’ll make sure it does. I’ll make sure it does.
Track Name: Who's Gonna Be There?
Who’s gonna be there to help us out and who’s gonna be there to figure all the madness out? I don’t know but they all left last night, sorry if I’m wrong but something doesn’t feel right. I want to run I want to hide because I kept it all inside. When you’re gone I hear no sound; I want to keep you around.

Well you’re not here long; I hope you remember this song. Think about us now and then, when you’re gone. Well you’re not here long; I hope you remember this song. Like a memory, don’t let us fade away.

Who’s gonna be there to keep us in line and who’s gonna be there to make all the bad times fine? I don’t know but I know it’s worth saying: “The show’s not over until the band stops playing!” I want to run I want to hide because I kept it all inside. When your gone I hear no sound; I want to keep you around.

Why do you have to go? We weren’t going to let you slip but we were too slow. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. Maybe it’s because you made the man that I am today.

Don’t go, don’t go, stop right there. Don’t go, don’t go. Yeah..

Who’s gonna be there to make this complete and who’s gonna be there to get us on our feet? I don’t know but I’m not singing this alone; if there’s anything you do, don’t forget your way back home.